2. This is a throwback to a reminder the Father gave me as I was uncomfortable and scared on my first flight out of the country to Moscow. Hallelujah, what a Savior.

  3. Rule #1 for the see-saw: don’t jump off. @kelseydelora

  4. "Quit pullin’ my denim, turd." @heavyj75

  5. #Sabbath

  6. This was me in NYC a year ago today. How strange. I’m a pretty odd guy, but I’m glad some of that odd has worn off.

  7. Scored once again today at McKAYs.

  8. @kelseydelora says she always gets small plates so she’ll eat less food. Great logic.

  9. Mardi Gras festivities in downtown Wake Forest. @kelseydelora #cutie