1. Seeing Iron and Wine last night was everything one could imagine it would be. As cliché as it sounds, Sam’s live voice was incomparable to his records. His voice, though soft, carried through the theatre from the brink of the stage to the ceilings and back again, making it possible to harmonize with oneself. Bobby Long, a British singer-songwriter, opened the night with perfection, and a show that I didn’t know we’d have the privilege of seeing. While escorting his lowly tuned, Gibson acoustic through his full part of the show, he displayed a familiar Marcus Mumford tone with a Ray Lamontagne velvety pitch, which in my own opinion is a lethal combination. Iron and Wine’s show consisted mostly of their older tunes, which Sam called attention to his liking. The band rocked harder than I had expected for most of the concert. Though, their instrumental contributions added so much to each song, the night began and ended in a way that I wouldn’t have wanted any differently, with Sam’s solo opening with Trapeze Swinger, and encoring Naked As We Came, also solo. All together, it was a great show, and both Iron and Wine and Bobby Long remain on my must-see-again list.

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